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Dr. Hibaile talks about CIDEL and his ministry

Posted by Cidel on Saturday, April 9, 2011


Dr. Augustin Hibaile was born into a Christian family of four children in the northwestern section of the Central African Republic. At the age of 11 he accepted Jesus as his personal Savior. Shortly thereafter, he committed his life to serve Jesus. Following high school, he attended the Biblical Brethren Theological Seminary at Bata (in central C.A.R.) and then went on to earn his Doctor of Ministry at Grace Theological Seminary, located in Winona Lake, Indiana.

Dr. Hibaile served the Bata Bible Institute and Seminary for almost 20 years as a professor. He has also been a volunteer Police chaplain from 1993 to the present. In 2005 Dr Hibaile founded a new organization called the Center International for the Development of Ethical Leadership (CIDEL) which is headquartered in Bangui, the capital of the Central African Republic. CIDEL is a ministry to those in positions of authority (2 Tim. 2:1-7).

Through the ministry of CIDEL, Dr. Hibaile has conducted seminars on ethical leadership, the prevention of corruption and other related topics to numerous government officials. Leaders from the Ministries of Finance, Justice, Defense, Public Security, Interior have benefited from his training. In addition to these workshops, Dr. Hibaile meets weekly with the country’s Prime Minister for a time of Bible study and prayer.

Dr. Hibaile is also very involved in the life of the University of Bangui, serving as a member of the faculty and offering workshops for both faculty and students.

In partnership with Pointman Leadership Institute based in California, Dr. Hibaile has conducted seminars in Ethiopia, Democratic Republic of Congo, Cameroon, Burundi, Liberia and Kenya. Church leaders are also trained in character and integrity.


Family info:

Dr. Hibaile is married to Marie Helene. They have been blessed with 8 biological children (4 boys; 4 girls - ages 26 to 6 years old) and three adopted orphans who are relatives. Four of his children are at the university level, two in high schools and two in elementary schools. His wife Marie Helene is a graduate from the Bata Bible Institute. She is currently the National President of the Women of the Good News. She is involved in the ministry of True Love Waits and True Love Stays which are sponsored by a Community Development Organization.
Family photo

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August 2011 Family Update from Dr. Hibaile

Obed Hyppolite our oldest son turned 27 years old last August 13, 2011. He has been studying in Morocco since 2003. Last sunday August 14, he invited his friends to a party in his apartment to celebrate his 27th anniversary. The party was followed by a Bible study conducted by Hyppolite on the theme "The Bible and the last days". I am so pleased to get the report of that outstanding event in the life of my son even in such an environment. We are also glad for the success of Jessie our oldest daughter who has just finished her training in International commerce and has received her diploma (see picture). Please pray for our daughter Concile Netopha who is waiting for the result of her exam for the degree in tourism and hostess. Pray also that Hyppolite will be granted God's favor to have a scholarship to attend a university in France for further training in Industrial Engineering Management.




New Coworker for Dr. Hibaile 




God has provided a coworker to Augustin for the ministry of    CIDEL. Since 2005, CIDEL was runned by Augustin with the assistance of the board's members who are very busy with their works in various government offices. Now Gaspard Gaston Mamang has joined CIDEL as the one in charge of organizing and planning all the training and seminars in CIDEL. Gaspard is fluent in French and English as he has earnt his Master degree in English at the university of Bangui. He also has got a leadership training in Singapore and know how to manage computer. Please pray that a real team spirit will be develop among Augustin and Gaspard and that the ministry of CIDEL will have an impact on the society. Pray that God will provide for Gaspard to attend the Train the trainers workshop that will take place in Johannesburg, South Africa from October 19-23, 2011. Please welcome Gaspard by sending him words of encouragement at:gaspardmamang@gmail.com







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