Friends of CIDEL

The Friends of CIDEL was founded in 2010 by three guys: a pastor (Dr. John F. Smith), a politician (Ryan Aument), and a web developer.  Two of us have worked alongside Dr. Hibaile in the Central African Republic.  We have seen up close and personal his dedication to his people and his ministry to them.  All of us have the utmost respect for this man and anticipate that God is going to continue to do greater and greater works through him.  We would like to invite you to become a Friend of CIDEL. In doing so, all we ask is   that you make a commitment to pray for him regularly and, as God leads, to give financially to his ministry. On behalf  of Dr. Hibaile, his family and his people, we thank YOU!


     John and Ryan in Bangui with Dr Hibaile (It was on this trip in 2009 that the vision for Friends of CIDEL was born) 

Dr. Hibaile with John and Ryan

Current Friends of CIDEL*

  • John F. Smith (Willow Street, PA)
  • Ryan P. Aument (Landisville, PA)
  • Tom Julien (Winona Lake, IN)
  • Gary Austin (Warsaw, IN)
  • Cathie Peebles (Warsaw, IN)
  • Dan Thorton (Hagerstown, MD)

*To have your name added to the list, please contact
    Pastor John F. Smith at 

Dr hibaile at work
Dr. Hibaile at work in his Bangui office