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 Tuesday November 5th 2019:

Greetings to all,

I praise God for October that just went. My family was blessed by the marriage of our oldest son Hyppolite and Nina in Paris, France. Please pray that God will lead their new life.
November is already full with my schedule that need your prayer support for:
1. The national prayer breakfast organized by the Government will take place in November 12. Guests from Germany, Switzerland, Rwanda, Democratic Republic of Congo, Gabon will join us. I am the vice president of the committee after the President who is the Minister of the General Secretary of the Government. Please pray that all our guests will arrive safely and be able to deliver their messages on "Love your neighbor"
2. Right after the Prayer Breakfast, CIDEL will conduct leadership seminars with the leaders of the Ministry of Education (november 13 and 15) and the members of the Parliament in November 14.
3. CIDEL has also scheduled a leadership conference for the students of the university of Bangui for November 18th. The speaker will be one of the John C. Maxwell's coach for the Francophone African countries who will come from Gabon.
4. I will preach in a wedding ceremony in November 9th
5. From November 20-27, 2019, I will be in Douala Cameroon as the key speaker of the national conference of the Pastors of our churches.
Appreciate your prayer support as you always do.


 Tuesday June 11th 2019:

Dear prayer supporters,

CIDEL is organizing a serie of leadership training from June 17-18 with the Police officers and June 19-20 with church leaders in our Center of Ethics at the University of Bangui.
Also, I was asked to present a topic on leadership during the governmental seminars scheduled for June 26-28, 2019.
Pray for wisdom, strength and good impact on the participants.

 Wednesday May 29th 2019:

Dear prayer supporters
The seminars scheduled for the parliament was postponed. We just got an approval to offer seminars to the Police officiers from june 17-18 following by the church leaders june 19-20. Two Pointman experts from Swiss will join us to conduct the modules on the power of character and the prevention of corruption. 
Pray that we can reach the number of 100 participants for the Police and 150 for church leaders.  Pray for strenght as I feel tired. Pray for CIDEL staff to be more involved.
We are also preparing a retreat with some members of CIDEL to review the statutes and activities if CIDEL based on the 14 years of experience. We want to reinforce the vision of CIDEL to meet the great need.


 Wednesday March 27th 2019:

Dear prayer supporters, 
Wisdom is greatly needed for those in positions of authority in my country. The Government put together in March 4th after the peace agreement in Karthoum/Sudan was denied by the armed groups who said that the government is not inclusive. Last week another peace talk gathered the Government and the 14 leaders of the armed groups in Addis Ababa/Ethiopia. The results of that meeting is a new Government published in March 22 with 38 members compared the 34 in March 4th. Many leaders from the Armed groups became members of the Government.
We are concerned because there is no disarmament done among those armed groups; We appreciate your prayers that God will change the hearts of those who are leading the country now. Pray that peace will come back and that all the armed groups will cease to kill the peaceful population.
God is giving me the opportunity to minister. Pray that God will grant me with wisdom as I continue to serve him among different leaders.
Pray also that God will allow me and my wife to visit the churches this year in the USA. Barb Wooler is willing to contact churches and friends to set a program for our visit if God provides. We want to present the ministry of CIDEL and Encompass during the visit.

 Monday March 4th 2019:

Dear prayer supporters,

You have prayed for the new of God intervention in the change in the CAR Government after the peace agreement signed between the Government and the armed groups.
Yesterday a new Government of 35 Ministers appointed by the Prime Minister and the approval of the President was published. 18 former Ministers are still in the new Government over the 35. Representant of the Armed Groups are also included in the Inclusive Government.
Mr Maxime BALALOU, former Deputy of the Director of the Prime Minister cabinet is now appointed as the Minister Secretary of the Government. He is the President of the national prayer breakfast. Maxime has initiated the prayer breakfast after he was with the Prime Minister to the Berlin International Gathering (Prayer Breakfast  of the German Parliament) as I coordinated that encounter.
Continue to pray that the new government will demonstrate a good governance that will bring peace and reconciliation throughout the country.
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